Sh**ty Products In My Makeup Collection


Last week I was going through my makeup drawers and I was quite shocked how many products just didn’t work out for me. Someone would probably say I put a lot of money away for things I don’t actually use. But here is the thing: I buy a lot of products recommended from beauty gurus and if I really see something I want to try, I buy it. On youtube I watch a lot people, who share reviews on different products, but I’ve learned, that you have to pay attention on which skin type they have, otherwise the recommended products won’t probably work the same on you.

Just in advance I personally have oily skin, so some products didn’t work on me for that reason.

I have to also mention, that all of the products below are from drugstore, so they are price friendly.

Disclaimer: these product just didn’t work on me, but that doesn’t mean, they won’t work on you.

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The first product I regret buying is NYC PERFECTING PRIMER. It claims to smoothen  your skin and evens out your skin tone. The only problem with this primer is, that it contains tiny glitters, which is actually a nightmare for someone with oily skin type.

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The next one is ESSENCE CAMOUFLAGE CONCEALER. I know finding the perfect concealer with smooth, non- cakey finish, it’s quite a challenge. This one definitely provides high coverage, which is great fot covering dark circles under your eyes and covering pimples and redness. The real problem shows, after wearing it for couple of hours, because it gets so cakey and heavy under your eyes.

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The next one is CATRICE PRIME AND FINE EYESHADOW BASE. I’ve actually bought it recently and it just didn’t impress me. The main problems with this eyeshadow primer are: it feels very heavy on my eyelids, it doesn’t cover little veins and the eyeshadows don’t blend easily, when I use it.

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The CATRICE VELVET MATT LIP CREAM is as well the product, that it’s not worth spending money on. The finish of this lipstick is 100% not velvet matte. It doesn’t even dry on you lips. I would say, that this liqiud lipstick it’s like a very shi**y version of a lipgloss.

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I like trying different applicators for my foundation. If I want flawless, non- cakey finish, I have to necessarily apply it with damp sponge. Brushes and fingers just don’t work out for me. I have discovered, that it’s also important which makeup sponge I use…and I’ve come to conclusion, that so far only the sponges from real techniques are doing their job properly. The one in the picture below it’s from H&M. For a long time I was wondering, why is my foundation looking incredibly cakey and I finally found out, that the main problem was the new sponge. 

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The last one is RIMMEL LASTING FINISH 25H FOUNDATION, which claims to last the whole day and provides perfect skin, full coverage and SPF 20. I know it’s promising a lot of things and it has exactly, what I’m personaly looking for in foundations. The biggest con is, that it somehow doesn’t work on my skin type. It looks cakey right away, when I apply it. 

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I hope, I’ve helped you with some information about these beauty products. 

Have a nice day!




5 thoughts on “Sh**ty Products In My Makeup Collection

    • fashionarrowblog says:

      I know. I have also heard many positive oppinions about it and that’s actually the reason, why I bought it. I have been trying so much to like it (trying with different primers, applicators), but it just didn’t leave flawless finish. Maybe you should buy it. We all have different skin types and texture. 🙂

  1. Thepurplepandablog says:

    I love these kind of posts! I don’t know why but I love to hear the products that just don’t work. I have been looking for a foundation with spf for the summer but I guess I’ll have to stay clear of that one! Great post 💜

    • fashionarrowblog says:

      thank you :)…I just want to say, that maybe you should try it out, because maybe it will work on you. We all have different skin types and texture. 🙂

      • Thepurplepandablog says:

        That’s true. It’s just hard to try out drugstore products because they don’t have samples and testers. So you have to invest in the product just to try it out.

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