My Top 5 Fashion Inspirations


One of my categories listed on my blog is as well fashion, which doesn’t have as much content as wanted. So I’ve decided, that it’s finally time to share more about my passion to fashion stuff, like, what I wear, who inspires me…

For a start I thought it would be a great idea to write about one of my favourite bloggers, youtubers and instagram accounts, who inspire me with incredible taste for style. I can literally spend hours and hours on pinterest and instagram admiring outstanding pictures of their amazing outfit combinations.

Each one of my top fashionistas have their own personal style, however they have also something in common. All of them are constantly up to date with latest fashion trends and their selection of clothes really suits my style, like high-waisted jeans, oversized shirts, printed T-shirts…

I have also put some pictures of my favourite outfits down below just to give you the better view of their fashion style and perhaps give you some inspiration on how to rock your summer outfits this year.ย 

Just in case you want to see more of their outfits and lifestyle in general, you can click on the link (on their names) to check their youtube channel, instagram profile or blog.ย 

Let’s begin…


Tess Christine owns a youtube channel filled with stunning fashion lookbooks. What I love about her style is that her outfits really give that modern retro vibe. You can really see her creativity through excellent taste for combining clothes from thrift stores with more modern fashion pieces.ย 

fashion inspo


When I was scrolling down my pinterest, I recently discovered this youtuber and blogger with amazing taste for fashion. I’m also obsessed with her hairstyle and you just can’t forget the fact, that her highlight is always on point on pictures.

fashion inspo1


Sazan owns as well a youtube channel and lifestyle blog. On her youtube channel she shares more about beauty and makeup, however if you want to get some style inspiration I recommend you to check her instagram account, which is filled with incredible fashionable content.

fashion inspo3


Olivia Culpo is an actress and a model, whose pictures of inspirational fashion and beauty background are taking over pinterest and other social media. From casual to dressy, she got it all covered.

fashion inspo4


The last but not least is Laura Jade, who became well known just by uploading different outfits in her spare time on instagram. Her style is very unique and it has kind of a vintage vibe to it.

fashion inspo2

I can assure, that you can expect much more fashionable content in the future and don’t forget to let me know, who are your favourite fashionistas.





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